Bilboard Jean Castel Wonders 'What Happened To Us' in New Video: Exclusive


Los Angeles-based singer Jean Castel is trying to not get left behind in a waning relationship in the video for “What Happened To Us,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (June 8).

The track hints at an underlying suspicion that spirals into full-blown paranoia, while the video plays up the pettiness in a series of slapstick scenarios, leaving no question as to whether Castel’s views are unfounded.

“When discussing the video narrative with the director, George Mays, it was his mutual excitement for the record and vision that created the perfect on-screen representation,” Castel tells Billboard. “In essence, I wanted this video to showcase my lighthearted nature."

The lyrics are casual and affable, as if Castel is working through the situation with his estranged partner in real time. As a transplant from southern France, the singer-songwriter is especially tactful with how he chooses his language and wording.

“I wanted every line to feel conversational and relevant,” Castel says. “That’s why I used the lyric, ‘You say it’s fake news,’ because I knew it would leave the listener with the impression of, ‘Oh, I’ve heard that before.’”

With help from his production group Infrared, a partnership with Spike Stent (Ed SheeranJulia Michaels) and mastering by Chris Gehringer (Vince StaplesRihanna), Castel creates forward-thinking pop that could make anyone ready to move on.

“What Happened” is the first single from Castel’s Orange & Yellow EP, which is slated to drop this winter.

Check out the video for “What Happened To Us” below.

Madelynn Elyse

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